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  • ■ Purpose of the water softner

    The raw water (city water,groundwater, industrial water, surface water, etc) used for a boiler contains some hardness components, mainly Ca++ and Mg++. Including the scalling of the pipes and other devices, more of these tend to be extracted in proportion to the rise of the water temperature in case of a heat-based boiler. This, in turn, increases the scaling induced pressurization and the danger of explosion while substantially reducing the heat-transfer efficiency. As such, a water softner must be used to soften the water by cation exchange resin. The target value of the total hardness of the water softner used for a condensing boiler is 1ppm or less, complying with the KSB6209 regulation.

    ■ Chemical injector and the pipe cleaner of chemicom 

    The chemical injector is used to inject some chemicals which help maintain the most optimal conditions of the boiler and devices in an energy saving way. Package supplied to a package boiler is a pump with: Max Dis, Pressure 15Kgf/
    ㎠ ; Max capacity 50cc/min; and AC220V/1C/14W.
    The all in one pipe cleaner of chemiconminhibits pH or dissolved oxygen induced corrosion reactions in view of the typical operation conditions of package boilers while heightening their product lifespan and operating efficiency.